How To Fix Apache2 Welcome Page Not Showing In Ubuntu

How To Fix Apache2 Welcome Page Not Showing In Ubuntu


Hello Guys, In this tutorial, I will tell you. How To Fix Apache2 Welcome Page Not Showing In Ubuntu. As we know apache2 is one of the most popular web server. If your apache2 is Installed successfully then enter your server public IP in your browser after that not showing the apache2 default page.

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This tutorial will help you how to fix this issue. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this problem. Here’s how to fix the most common reasons.


Firstly, You need to install apache2 using

$ apt-get install apache2

If you already Installed you can skip this step.

So Let’s Start

One of the most common problems is the user does not enable the apache2 firewall. So let’s see how to enable a firewall for apache2.

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Enable UFW Firewall

$ sudo ufw enable

After this, your Firewall has enabled but you need to also allow ‘Apache Full’.

$ sudo ufw allow ‘Apache Full’

Importantly don’t forget to allow OpenSSH. If you, unfortunately, do not allow OpenSSH you are unable to login to your server through SSH or remote connection But you can log in through your VPS provider panel. Just type the command below to enable OpenSSH.

$ sudo ufw allow ‘OpenSSH’

Then restart your Ubuntu server or restart your apache web server.

$ reboot


$ service apache2 restart

You are all set just type your server IP in the browser.

Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page
Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page

If you are see something like this you are ready to go means Your apache2 Installed successfully. If your problem does not solve check your apache2 error log which is located in /var/log/apache2/error.log.

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So in this article, I show you How To Fix Apache2 Welcome Page Not Showing In Ubuntu. In this article, we talk only most common reasons. If your problem does not solve try to see your error log.
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