How To Install Project Send on Shared Hosting

How To Install Project Send on Shared Hosting

Hello guys, I will show you How To Install Project Send on Shared Hosting with an easy method in this tutorial. So first, let’s see what is ProjectSend and why we use it.

ProjectSend is an open-source web application that helps users to share files with clients, friends securely. It is a self-hosted file-sharing web application which written in PHP language.

So let’s see how to create your file-sharing website.

Step1. Download ProjectSend 

First, we need to download the ProjectSend zip file from the official website Click Here to download the latest file.


Step2. Uploading File to Hosting

After downloading the file, you need to upload the file to your public_html folder, which is linked to your domain.

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You can use multiple methods to upload files, e.g., FTP, Hosting File Manager, etc. 


Step3. Extracting Files

Now time to extract the file which we uploaded previously.

Click on the file and select extract here, and wait few seconds after your file extract successfully.

Note: If you extract a file in a subfolder, you must enter the folder name after your domain name.


Step4. Creating Database & Database User

Let’s create a database & database user.

Login to your hosting and go to the database section and click on MySQL database.

Now type your new database name, user & password, then hit enter.

Your database and user created a database successfully. 

Remember: Note down your database password because it needs in the next step.


Step5. Configuring ProjectSend

So let’s see the last step of this tutorial.

Type your domain name in the web browser, and If you extract the ProjectSend file in a subfolder, you must enter the folder name after your domain name.

You will see the installation wizard of ProjectSend.


Now type your (Required)

  • Database Name 
  • User 
  • Password

Optional changes

  1. Language Default is English
  2. The maximum upload file size Default is 2GB. You can also increase this upload limit later.

Note: Your config file, upload directory, and temp directory need read, write, execute permission, then it will show writable. If not showing writable, go to your file manager, find these files and directories, and give 777 permission. Then it will show writable.

Now click Check. If everything is done correctly, you will see the write config file button and click the write config file.

Click on Continue the Installation

After that, You will see ProjectSend need some necessary instruction e.g.

  • Site Name
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Login Username
  • Password

Remember Your Login Username and Password because it’s an admin login credential.

Click on Install

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Now type your admin login credential to log in to your site with admin rights. You can control your site with the log in panel.


After you will see your admin dashboard


That’s it, guys.

Video Tutorials

ProjectSend Installation Video


ProjectSend developed by ProjectSend organisation.

ProjectSend is licensed under GNU GPL v2

You can contact through


So in this article, I show you How To Install ProjectSend on Shared Hosting. I hope your ProjectSend is installed successfully.

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