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ways to earn money online in India


There are many ways to earn money online in India but I talk on genuine methods and also many users earn more than 15000+ dollars per month.

In online earning one of the most important things is patience. If you have patience then online earning is for you.

Let’s talk about how many genuine ways to earn money online.

1. Website/Blog

ways to earn money online in India

First, need to create your website or blog. Let’s talk about the difference between website and blog.

A blog is a type of website in which you can post content for solving people’s questions or give a guide.

A website is a collection of web-pages. The website is for business for growing sales. If you need better earning. I recommend using a blog.

There are many ways you earn from a website/blog but I talk only legit or legal ways.

  • AdSense

AdSense is the most popular way to earn from a website/blog. Let’s talk about what is AdSense.

AdSense is a free service for a publisher displaying ads to your online content like website/blog. And how it works.

AdSense provides a method for publishers to earn money from their online content. The ads are created by advertiser whose promote self product or service.

These advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount you earn will vary. And one more thing AdSense revealed they pay 68% of revenue to their publishers and rest 32% they keep to maintain and other expenses.

Mean You will get 68%. Let’s explain more deeply. If any Advertiser gives 100 Rupees or 1.36 dollars you will get 68 Rupees or 0.92 dollars. And 32 Rupees or 0.44 kept by AdSense as I told in 17 Line.

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  • Paid Post

If you have a large scale of traffic to your website. Some Individuals or companies contact you at a business email or other contact method. He says to create a paid post or sponsored post.

Let’s talk about what is this. When a blogger gets paid to talk about a product or brand on their blog. Suppose you have a web hosting company and I have a website about what is hosting, Install WordPress, etc.

Then I talk to your hosting and I said cheap hosting, very nice hosting then you can be paid to me. This is a paid post or sponsored post.

  • Ads Space

If you have Much traffic then you can also use this method. In this method If any company need promotion, etc. which company have less money that’s why the company does not promote by advertising company like Google AdSense. I hope this article is usefull because in this articlr will show you earn money online in India.

He directly approaches you to place ads on your website.

  • Sell Your own digital Product (EBook, Course)

Now this method is very useful. If you large number of traffic.

In this method you can earn by your skill. You can also collaborate with digital marketer seo expert and create your own course or eBook sell with your price.

Suppose you make WordPress training Course and price is 999 Rupees or 13.60 Dollars. If you make 1000 Sales you earn 9 Lakh 99 thousand in Rupees or 13596 Dollars.

So this is very profitable. In fact most of the blogger use also as for better income.
Collect Donation From Visitors
You can also collect donation from website.

If any one interested on giving donation to your website for better experience on website. Paytm (India Only), Pay U Money (National and International Transaction).

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2. YouTube

ways to earn money online in India
Youtube Logo
  • YouTube Partner Program (AdSense)

In YouTube there are many ways to earn money. But AdSense is official way to earn money online by YouTube.

Let’s talk about how AdSense work in YouTube. First need to approve your YouTube channel by AdSense.

But not easy because YouTube set criteria. And criteria is need 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch time after complete then you can apply for AdSense.

If your content is AdSense and YouTube and YouTube friendly then definitely approve your YouTube channel by AdSense mean give ads to your online content like YouTube videos.

You also show in YouTube video before video start or ads and also between video. There are same share between advertiser and publisher both in YouTube and Blogging. As I shown in starting of the post.

  • Sponsored Content

It is best way for better earning in YouTube because if you have large subscribers and viewers in your channel. Then any company will contact you for promotion and need to promote company product or apps.

Then company will paid to you. You need to create your pricelist for apps and products and what are way to promote.

In fact Indian Biggest YouTuber which is carryminati charge approx 30 lakh or 40,000 Dollars.

  • Super Chat

And now next thing is Super Chat. It is basically for Gamers and Live Streamer. If you have gaming channel you what is super chat.

If not know super chat is a donation system given by YouTube for gamers and live streamers. If any one need to support you or your channel give super chat.

When you are live on YouTube. But need to share your Your approx 30% to YouTube and you will give 70%.

He automatically add to your AdSense Earning. Suppose You have a true fan and he donated 40 Rupees or 0.54 through super chat. You will get 28 Rupees or 0.38 Dollars. And YouTube kept 12 Rupees or 0.16 Dollars For maintenance and other Services.

There are another ways for earning online? And Conclusion

Yes, There many others for online earning like Facebook Gaming, Affiliate Marketing, , Free lancing or freelancer, etc. But I not talk on this because article make more longer or irritating that’s why I not include this.

If you need I make more article on Online Earning. Just comment me below. In this article i will show you earn money online in India.

And prevent from online scam like any body contact to you through any social media like Instagram, Facebook or any social media platform.

Don’t believe on that. Prevent your money from scammer. There are only few way to earn money online.

If you have any doubt or find any mistake on post leave comment below or contact to contact@tipsntricks.in

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