What is Hosting? Type of Hosting For a Website

What is hosting for a website

What is Hosting

Hosting mean is type of internet hosting that allow individuals to make their website accessibly via the world wide web.
Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.
If any user want to view your website just type your domain or ip to connect to your server then server is processing your files or data after process result has been show in your web browser.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting share resource with many customer like ram,storage,etc thats why price is so cheap and your website is slow when other client get more traffic on his website.

Advantage of Shared Hosting

• Shared Hosting is very cheap for starting website.
• You can get cpanel which you can easily operate your website.

Disadvantage of Shared Hosting

• Website Speed is slow and many limitation like storage etc.
• If any vulnerbility find on server whole website easily hack by hacker.

2. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

VPS is short for a Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services you can choose for your website. It uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users. you can get root privilages to perform any activity on your server you can install any webserver which you want like apache,nigix etc.

Advantage of VPS Hosting

• Improve Your Website’s Performance.
• Install Only the OS and Software You Are Going to Use.
• Choose the Services You Need.

Disadvantage of VPS

• More expensive than shared hosting.
• You need technical experience like how to install webserver and mysql database etc.

3. Dedicated Hosting

You can get physical server to a single customer also customer control over the machine so you can optimize your website which you need also improve performance and security.

Advanatage of Dedicated Hosting

• Server resources are not shared.
• Unique IP address.
• Enhanced performance and security.

Disadvantage of Dedicated Hosting

• Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of hosting.
• Hosts are able to offer advice on security, but it is your duty to ensure your server is secure.

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4. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting makes applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

Advantage of cloud hosting

• High Uptime and Availability.
• Speedy Server Setup Process.

Disadvantage of Cloud Hosting

• Problems not being solved quickly.
• Hosting plan becoming more expensive than expected.

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